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Rapid Avian Survey of Upstream of Ravi River, Chamba, India

River Ravi Virat Jolli: Chamba town is in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located on the bank of Ravi River. This river is one of the majour river and tributary of Indus River System. Government of India has constructed Chamera Hydro Electric Project (CHEP) on the upstream of Ravi River to generate electricity. Chamera Hydro Power Project comprised of three stages: Stage-I downstream of Chamba town generating a total of 540 MW; Stage-II upstream of Chamba town generating 300 MW while Stage-III further up of Stage-II generating a total of 231 MW of electricity. The silent feature of these projects is that these are run of the river scheme which require relatively lesser impoundment of river water for electricity generation. Considering their low impact on environment, we made a rapid field assessment of birds along upstream of Ravi River from Chamba town to Bharmour which covered two CHEP-II & III to know the avifauna of the Ravi River.  It was 6th of June 2018